Marble, stone and granite
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Anti-stain protection for polished marble, granite and stoneware.
Suitable to the anti-stain treatment of polished marble, stone, granite and stoneware, TWINS.TW ensures excellent water and oil repellent protection without changing the surface aspect. Solvent based product.
How to use:
On a well clean and dry surface evenly apply a coat of TWINS.TW with circular movements, using a cloth. Once totally dry remove the excess using a cloth or a pad. On very absorbent surfaces we recommend applying a second coat. We remind that TWINS.TW does not protect from acid attaks (lemmon, wine..) According to laboratory tests, surfaces treated with TWINS.TW,once dry, are certified as suitable to food contact. (Test report 05/41053 and 05/41054)
15-18 MQ/LT on marble and granite, 30-35 MQ/LT on stoneware
Use a good neutral detergent for daily cleaning (DETERTWINS). Do not use aggressive and/or concentrated detergents.
Flammable. Keep far from the reach of children. Keep far from heating. Keep ambient well airy during use. The exposure may cause skin dryness and cracks. Harmful if swallowed, in case call a doctor. Eyes and skin irritating . Wear suitable protective gloves. Do not pour down drains.
1lt bottles (12 pcs/box)5 lt tanks (4 pcs/box).


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