Marble, stone and granite
+   Wood
Acid-based detergent (strong)
Acid-based detergent particularly indicated to remove saltpetre and cement from surfaces in terracotta, ceramic, bricks, stone and granite. According to its acid-base we recommend testing on a small area before application. Do NOT use on polished marbles and surfaces sensitive to acids.
How to use:
Properly dilute TWINSACIDO in water then sprinkle on the surface to clean. Thorouglhly rub manually or using a brushing machine equipped with proper discs. Rinse plentifully with clean water. Dilution: from 20% of TWINSACIDO and 80% of water to 50% and 50%.
According to the dilution
Corrosive. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact immediately wash with plenty of water . Keep far from the reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. In case, call a doctor and show the label. Wear suitable protective gloves and mask during use.
1lt bottles (12 pcs/box)5 lt tanks (4 pcs/box).


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