Marble, stone and granite
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Protective tone enhancer for bush hammered/ honed surfaces in marble, stone and granite
Protective product for bush hammered, semi-polished surfaces in marble and stone. AVO doesn't generate film on the top, it pleasantly enhances the natural tone of the surface without turning into yellow. AVO is suitable for indoor and covered outdoor surfaces. Solvent-based product.
How to use:
On a well clean and dry surface apply AVO using a cloth or a pincer without exceeding the quantity. After 5-10 minutes rub with a clean cloth or a single brush machine equipped with soft disc, in order to join the product absorption and remove possible excess. On absorbent surfaces apply a loght second coat.
12-15 MQ/LT on absorbent surfaces.20-12 MQ/LT on low absorbent surfaces.
Use a good neutral detergent for daily cleaning (DETERTWINS) Do not use aggressive and/or concentrated detergents.
Flammable. Keep far from the reach of children. Keep far from heating. Keep ambient well airy during use. The exposure may cause skin dryness and cracks. Harmful if swallowed, in case call a doctor. Eyes and skin irritating . Wear suitable protective gloves. Do not pour down drains.
1lt bottles (12 pcs/box)5 lt tanks (4 pcs/box).


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